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Keswick Island has 6 moorings in Horseshoe Bay which are available for use at a nominal fee.  The nearby barge ramp is available for coming ashore, and the dry marina is available for storage of tenders.

Note that Keswick Island residents and lot owners have priority over visiting vessels, should moorings be in demand.  The rates are:

  • $15 per day for residents/lot owners
  • $20 per day for visitors/passing traffic

For further details refer to the Keswick Island Moorings Terms of Use or to arrange payment, contact us on 07 4965 8043 or on channel 12 via marine radio.

Mooring Details & Coordinates

Buoy Mooring No. MI707
Type: Swing;  Approx. Latitude: 20˚ 54.686’S;  Approx. Longitude: 149˚ 25.096’E
Maximum vessel length 12 metres

Buoy Mooring No. MI708
Type: Swing;  Approx. Latitude: 20˚ 54.592’S;  Approx. Longitude: 149˚ 25.066’E
Maximum vessel length 15 metres

Buoy Mooring No. MI709
Type: Swing;  Approx. Latitude: 20˚ 54.829’S;  Approx. Longitude: 149˚ 25.100’E
Maximum vessel length 24 metres

Buoy Mooring No. MI710
Type: Swing;  Approx. Latitude: 20˚ 54.770’S;  Approx. Longitude: 149˚ 25.078’E
Maximum vessel length 12 metres

Buoy Mooring No. MI711
Type: Swing;  Approx. Latitude: 20˚ 54.637’S;  Approx. Longitude: 149˚ 25.059’E
Maximum vessel length 12 metres

Buoy Mooring No. MI712
Type: Swing;  Approx. Latitude: 20˚ 54.658’S;  Approx. Longitude: 149˚ 25.036’E
Maximum vessel length 10 metres

About Keswick Island Community

Keswick Island supports a small community that lives and works within the idyllic surrounds of the Great Barrier Reef, a World Heritage Area. Only a stone’s throw from Mackay, the island is a unique place to call home or to which owners can regularly escape. Learn more about living at

About Keswick Island

Nestled within the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and only 32km off the Mackay coast lies a world of undiscovered treasures. Keswick Island is a natural wonderland – a world of national park and tropical rainforest, fringed by white sands and a coral reef bursting with vibrant marine life. Keswick Island is, no doubt, the most unspoiled of all the populated residential islands of the Whitsundays. Live here, visit here, relax here. Whatever you are looking for, the answer is hidden right here on Keswick, the Treasured Island.