Overlooking the Whitsundays


Keswick Island has a number of pristine swimming beaches, where you can enjoy a number of activities – take a swim, explore with a snorkel or kayak, simply relax with a picnic, just to name a few.

Basil Bay, Arthur Bay and Connie Bay are all within walking distance from the Keswick Kiosk.

You can reach Basil Bay by buggy; however, access to other beaches tends to be via foot, kayak or boat.  Be sure to check the weather & tides before venturing to the more remote beaches.

Refer to the maps for more details on beaches.

About Keswick Island Community

Keswick Island supports a small community that lives and works within the idyllic surrounds of the Great Barrier Reef, a World Heritage Area. Only a stone’s throw from Mackay, the island is a unique place to call home or to which owners can regularly escape. Learn more about living at KeswickIsland.com.au.

About Keswick Island

Nestled within the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and only 32km off the Mackay coast lies a world of undiscovered treasures. Keswick Island is a natural wonderland – a world of national park and tropical rainforest, fringed by white sands and a coral reef bursting with vibrant marine life. Keswick Island is, no doubt, the most unspoiled of all the populated residential islands of the Whitsundays. Live here, visit here, relax here. Whatever you are looking for, the answer is hidden right here on Keswick, the Treasured Island.