Water Storage


Fresh water is a valuable resource, especially on Keswick Island.  As such, water management is an important aspect on the island.  Please contact us if you require further details regarding water.

Individual dwellings

Per the Keswick Island Design Guidelines and Building Code, each dwelling on Keswick Island must be self-sufficient and provide its own water supply and waste-water management.

GKPL water reserves

Keswick Island has a number of reserve storage water tanks, including potable water (500,000 litres potable water in tanks situated in Basil Bay).

Purchasing potable water on Keswick Island

In times of long periods of lack of rain, individual dwelling water supplies may run low. A transportable water tank has been procured to ensure that residents have the option to purchase water in times of need.

Instead of the higher cost of barging water from Mackay, water is now available for purchase on Keswick Island from the potable water reservoir in Basil Bay. When required, water will be pumped into the transportable tank and transported to the dwelling in need of supply.

Water is available to purchase at a rate of $0.18 per litre.

If you require further information or would like to make a purchase, please contact Brett Curd on 07 4965 8043.

Use for fire control

It is incumbent upon each dwelling to provide access to its water supply to aid the community in bush fire management. Each dwelling or subdivision must maintain a firebreak buffer area or vegetation/landscaping in order to minimise bushfire risk.

Barging water

If necessary, the MV Gulfstream barge is able to transport up to 40,000 litres of potable water in its hold.

About Keswick Island Community

Keswick Island supports a small community that lives and works within the idyllic surrounds of the Great Barrier Reef, a World Heritage Area. Only a stone’s throw from Mackay, the island is a unique place to call home or to which owners can regularly escape. Learn more about living at KeswickIsland.com.au.

About Keswick Island

Nestled within the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and only 32km off the Mackay coast lies a world of undiscovered treasures. Keswick Island is a natural wonderland – a world of national park and tropical rainforest, fringed by white sands and a coral reef bursting with vibrant marine life. Keswick Island is, no doubt, the most unspoiled of all the populated residential islands of the Whitsundays. Live here, visit here, relax here. Whatever you are looking for, the answer is hidden right here on Keswick, the Treasured Island.