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Service Directory

Please let us know if you would like to recommend a service provider.


Island Air
Bookings for charter flights to/from Keswick Island are to be made through GKPL.
Contact us for further information.

Whitsunday Helicopters
Contact: Steve & Nene Davis
Ph: 07 4953 3061


MV Gulf Stream
Please see the Barging Information section for further details.  Contact GKPL.

Contact us for information on accommodation options.

Maintenance & Landscaping

Lot Maintenance
If you need assistance with your quarterly lot clear, contact us for further information.

Keswick Island Nursery
The Keswick Island Nursery stocks plants which are indigenous to Keswick Island, and therefore approved for use on the island.  The nursery is a Greaton Keswick development funded facility, managed by resident Marian Brooks.  The nursery is located near the contractor accommodation.  It is open by appointment – to arrange a time, please contact Brett Curd on 07 4965 8043.


Architectural Review Committee
Contact GKPL
Ph: 07 4965 8043 

Building Designers/Architects

Trevor Fry Building Design
Contact: Trevor Fry
Ph/Fax: 07 4955 3595


WS Group
Ph: 07 4951 2911
Fax: 07 4953 1319

Builders & Specialist Trades

A1 Battery Pro
Contact: James Heel
Ph: 07 4957 6123
Fax: 07 4957 2367

Jerry Bragg Electrical
Mobile: 0467 670 971

Diesel Fitter / Mechanics

Crane Maintenance QLD
Contact: Jason Cooper
Ph: 07 4955 0022
Fax: 07 4955 0022
Mobile: 0459 166 994

Shanks Plumbing
Contact: Tony Shanks
Mobile: 0427 525 859

Lincoln Plumbing & Gas Solutions
Contact: Cody Hole
Mobile: 0402 331 806

NQ Water Services
Contact: Anthony Kliese
Ph: 07 4952 2252
Fax: 07 4952 2126
Mobile: 0448 719 351

Geotechnical Engineers

Contact: Andrew J Williams
Ph: 07 4952 5255
Fax: 07 4952 5455
Mobile: 0427 671 001

Bushfire Management Planning

Eldon Bottcher Architects Pty Ltd
Contact: Eldon Bottcher
Ph: 07 5592 0082
Fax: 07 55 380374


Landcover Pty Ltd
Vacant Land Public Liability Insurance
Ph: 08 8419 4000
Fax: 08 8419 4099

About Keswick Island Community

Keswick Island supports a small community that lives and works within the idyllic surrounds of the Great Barrier Reef, a World Heritage Area. Only a stone’s throw from Mackay, the island is a unique place to call home or to which owners can regularly escape. Learn more about living at

About Keswick Island

Nestled within the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and only 32km off the Mackay coast lies a world of undiscovered treasures. Keswick Island is a natural wonderland – a world of national park and tropical rainforest, fringed by white sands and a coral reef bursting with vibrant marine life. Keswick Island is, no doubt, the most unspoiled of all the populated residential islands of the Whitsundays. Live here, visit here, relax here. Whatever you are looking for, the answer is hidden right here on Keswick, the Treasured Island.